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Staged Homes Sell 2-3 times faster than Un-Staged Homes according to the Real Estate Staging Association.

Statistics reported in Money Sense and Business Week magazines indicate that effectively staged homes sell 50% faster.

A Coldwell Banker study examined 3358 homes in San Francisco in 2002. Those staged were sold for the asking price, versus 2% below for those which were not, and sold in 25-days versus 48,(Teergesen, Anne, Showtime For Your Home, Business Week, 3909, 2004, p. 172.)

A further Coldwell Banker study in 2008 of 2,772 properties in various US cities with asking prices of $209,000 to $4.8 million, found those staged sold for 6.3% above asking prices versus 1.6% above for those which were not, and sold in 14-days versus 31, (Cazzin, Julie, Winning the Real Estate War, Money Sense, 7(2), 2005, p.26.)


THE CONSUMER'S GUIDE TO REAL ESTATE STAGING™ by RESA -- Free PDF Download - 6.2 MB. The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) is a member governed trade association for Home Stagers. RESA was formed in order to support all professional real estate stagers also known as home stagers in North America. RESA is a portal to the home staging industry and is a source of education and business tools focusing on the needs of home stagers.

Stagers will advise you on where to invest your dollars for the best return. They will make recommendations on everything from paint choices, when to replace or update items and what stays and what should get packed up.

Staging gives buyers peace of mind, knowing that any potential issues have been addressed. In addition, staging also shows buyers the property's true potential.

STAGING INCREASES SELLING PRICE releases an annual list of Do It Yourself home improvements which increase your home's value. Here is what return each improvement will get according to them. They have also surveyed Realtors to determine whether they would recommend the improvements. HomeGain is a leading provider of online marketing programs that connect real estate agents and brokers with home buyers and sellers.

In addition to staging services, Refined Rooms manages, on a client's behalf, the improvements listed.

HomeGain's DIY ROI

On average, staged homes sell for 5% more than un-staged homes.(Ray, Randy, Staged to sell; Home stagers are the magicians behind many fast sales, often getting better prices for a modest investment of paint or boarding out the family dog, The Ottawa Citizen, June 27, 2009, p. I1.)

Estimates indicate that only 25% of homes are staged in Ottawa. The Interior Design Industry in Ontario and Home Staging: A Report. 2 October 28, 2009.

Buyers' agents recognize that professionally staged listings are "move-in" ready and are more inclined to show the house.


78% of buyers have made a decision about a house before they actually see it according to the Real Estate Staging Association.

78% of people say that home presentation makes a difference in most sales, reports the Certified Staging Professionals.

Vacant houses sell almost 80% faster when they are Staged with furniture says the Certified Staging Professionals.

A whopping majority of home buyers start their home search online. Photos of professionally staged homes look better in print and web media which brings in more potential buyers. Your potential home buyer is only a click away so pull them in using the best possible views of your home.