Refined Rooms


Home Evaluation: Our specialty. A very thorough assessment of client's home is undertaken by certified and RESA-pro designated stager; including staging suggestions for the DIYer; professionally written and detailed report of what needs to be done to make your home competitive, explains why we need to carry out specific improvements, provides checklists, identifies priority items, and shares tip sheets for reference.

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Showcasing Homes for Sale: Also known as Resale Redesign, for both occupied and vacant homes. Rooms are arranged and accessorized to show off your homes best features. This sets your house apart from the competition and making it inviting to the greatest number of buyers. Estimates for physical staging and rental inventory are provided prior to staging for approval. Photos should be taken after this process for the best images possible for online and print marketing.

Instant Makeovers: Rooms are re-arranged and accessorized making your home more personal while using existing items from your home. Special attention is given to functionality and effective use of space.

Makeovers Plus/Redesigning Rooms: A more enhanced level of the Instant Makeover. The "Plus" is the pre-approved purchases determined to make the redesign successful. Great for a room needing freshening, updating or style change.

De-cluttering and Organizing Spaces: One of the first steps for preparing your house for the sale and the move. Follow this process by a Refined Rooms' assessment service described above. Use our Team to carry out de-cluttering and organizing strategies for this very important and necessary step. If you are not moving, or have just moved into your new home, we have strategies to help you and keep you clutter free and organized.

Open House Showcasing: We provide a quick sprucing up and establish a warm and welcoming mood for your open house.

Showings and Open House Kit: Refined Rooms has selected the best products and gathered “tried and true” showing and open house tips to assist you with getting your home perfectly ready for showings. Assembled and packaged all together this kit provides checklists to guide you through the events so you are always ready and confident. Tip Sheets on making quick minor repairs and keeping your house in top form are provided. In addition to the information, the kit includes PartyLite neutralizing spray, PartyLite LED ivory candle with timer, microfibre dusting cloth, a dozen homemade cookies and lovely serving plate, wrapped candies and dish, and a “Thank you for coming” sign, all in a reusable storage box.

Improving Space Functionality: Sometimes the flow in a room is lacking or things are out of place or in the wrong place. This will make the room difficult to move around in and for you to get things done easily. We can assess the room(s) and offer practical solutions to improve the look and function.

Seasonal and Occasion Decorating: Refined Rooms can decorate for each of our seasons, introducing those little touches that transform your rooms. Having a party or special event in your home? We can rearrange and decorate your principal rooms for those memorable home parties.

Move management: There is so much to do and so little time! We can guide you and help get it done. We can even help you settle-in after the move!

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Downsizing Homes: What to keep and what to give away or to sell? We will help with all those decisions that must be made before moving to a smaller space. We help plan what pieces will work best in your new space making this stressful time less so! Our goal is to make your new home something to look forward to.

Front Entrance Improvements: This is the first impression of what the 'home behind the door' will reveal. It is the very first thing potential buyers see online as well as when driving or walking by your home. It must be top notch! For those not selling, Refined Rooms can bring some real beauty to your front entrance by creating an inviting welcome.

Creating Curb Appeal: After years of the same colours and landscaping at the front of your house, it can look unwieldy, overgrown and out-of-date. We are able to give you advice on what to change at the front of your house, making your home look warm and inviting. We can make it all happen for you. Your home can be the gem of the neighbourhood!

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Personalizing your space: If you have moved and your new place is not quite like 'home' or you want to get right to the lived in feeling, Refined Rooms can recommend how to make it yours. Using existing furnishings and presenting your treasures, we can accelerate the placement and process to get that "I'm home" feeling.

Backyard Planning: Do you want a haven in your backyard? Perhaps your holiday will be a new backyard instead of hitting the road. We can help you plan what you want and have it function well to suit your needs.